Mumbai City Tour

Fun Fort Walk

Date: As per your convenience, prior registration required
Duration and Distance: approximately 3 hours and 4 kilometres

Details: A quick introduction followed by breakfast; a walkabout accompanied with an informal history of Mumbai accompanied with nuggets of trivia. The walk will go past Crawford market, VT station, fort, fountain, Kala Ghoda and end up at the gateway of India. Light refreshments and food stops will be an integral part of this tour.

Demands: all participants be 7-77 years. All children to be accompanied by a parent. A good pair of legs fitted with walking shoes. A thirst for information and a head filled with questions( for a different kind of thirst we suggest you carry a bottle of water and a cap for your head).and most importantly fortitude to listen to my drivel and a sense of humour.

Beautiful Bandra Beckons

Bandra is the queen of the suburbs. Fabled for it’s beautiful people, shopping and it’s glitz and glamour. But did you know it has the oldest road in Bombay and also the oldest church. Come explore a part of Bandra that you never knew existed. Walk through the narrow lanes of villages like Ranwar, take in the aroma of freshly baked PAO from the bakeries and the stench of dry fish. Hear the melodious notes of the guitar, the pealing of the bells or catch the aunties in their maxies haggling in choice Konkani. Seek out the gems of graffiti or the spires of the churches. Climb high to learn of the legends of the lady of the mount and tumble down to lands end and bandstand. Catch sight of where the stars of Bollywood reside and a 5 star hotel past and present.

To experience the sights, sounds and smells of Bandra and to satiate your curiosity and more, come join me as I take you for a walk around Bandra. We start at holy family hospital off hill road properly kitted out with shoes, bottle and cap. The walk will take about 3 hours at a leisurely pace with a climb up the hill and conclude at Bandstand.

Confirm your presence with me Hashim Mirza Call on 9322509928 Or WhatsApp at 8879026171

Art Deco of Bombay Beckons

Have you had bhel at Chowpatty or seen cricket at Brabourne? I will be doing the C See Sea walk on date…… distance 3 km duration 3 hours.

I hope you enjoy it with energy and enthusiasm. It will be full of fun with a mix of facts and food thrown in. So gear up to have a great time with comfortable shoes, bottle and a cap. Hope to see you at the hour of 10am . I will be doing it for the first time so bear with any inconsistencies or inconvenience. Just to inform you that it will be full of jokes and jollity, so I hope you will take it in the right spirit. Keep yourself fit and kitted out if it rains. Like your feedback and love to learn something from you. Meet at Churchgate station and proceed to marine drive via Nariman point and the Oval. Perhaps we do lunch if time permits. Questions and queries welcome during our walk on the queen’s necklace. Relish local delicacies as I ramble on. See the sun, sand and sea. Take time out and enjoy the city. Unclutter your mind with some of the best views on our walk through the western bay.

Experience the x factor that distinguishes our megalopolis. Yearn for more and know about our yesterdays. Zoom in with zest and zeal and fall in love with the city again.

Contact: Hashim mirza: 9322509928, [email protected]

The Night is Young

Bombay is a city which never sleeps. I invite you to join me in a walk that explores the metropolis all lit up and ready to party.
We will start at 7 pm when Mumbai is at it’s duskiest, finished with the rigours of the work day and ready to party. The lights are just starting to come on like jewels and the fun begins.

We start under the canopy of stars at the main booking hall of CST station, a world heritage site and one of the busiest train stations in the world that is undergoing a makeover like an ageing diva getting a face lift. We then proceed past the GPO, a dak ghar inspired by the Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur, the Bazaar gate of the erstwhile fort and an eatery that precedes the station itself. We then go past Azad maidan,our very own Hyde Park past the two tata mansions. We go past the venue of the first cricket test match and the birthplace of eggs Kejriwal. Next we come to the Cross maidan and the Parsi kuaa or well. We then take a turn keeping fountain behind us towards Churchgate. We admire the statuesque Victorian marvels of the high court and university adorning the fringes of the oval. Then come the western railway headquarters and Churchgate station with the Eros theatre providing a triangle of different delights. We then walk to the sea face with the Brabourne Stadium and the Ambassador hotel standing as sentinels. We conclude our journey at the Queen’s necklace and enjoy the cool monsoon breeze.

Duration 2-3 hours including food stops

Note: Please come equipped for the weather as we will most likely get some rain, making it a monsoon night walk.

To register, please call me Hashim Mirza on 9322509928 or WhatsApp me on 8879026171